How it works

1. Create an account


Creating an account with LTCD is simple, you can register using your email and password. Once registered you’ll be creating, rating and favouriting businesses in no time!

Click here to register


2. Select a plan


Click Create Listing in the top menu and now select between Yearly or Lifetime plan. Both plans require secure payment from PayPal but the the Yearly plan is a recurring plan, PayPal will automatically charge your account yearly on the same date. The obvious advantage to the lifetime plan is not having to worry about further payments in the future.


3. Add your business details


Now you need to add all of your business details, this includes company name, address, business type, phone number, website, email, social accounts, gallery images, main description and tags.

Once you’ve completed this section you will now be ready to make the payment and get your listing live.


4. Approval process


Once you have fully submitted your business it will go through the LTCD approval process, your listing will display as pending in your dashboard and we’ll notify you by email when the listing is live (usually within a couple of hours).

You can log back in at any time and make adjustments to your business listing.

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