Malaysia Civil Defence Force Discover Huge Python


A record breaking python was discovered on a construction site in Malaysia, it’s believed to be the largest snake ever to be caught.

Estimated at 8 metres in length the snake was found by Malaysia civil defence force who was due to start work on a new flyover in Paya Terubong. The snake has now died after apparently giving birth, it’s not clear what caused this but experts say it could be the stress of being captured. A member of the construction team said “It is eight metres in length and weighs about 250kg”, it took around 30 mintues to capture the snake.

The python is a species normally only found in the South East Asia and it’s often said to be the longest reptile species. The Guinnes Book of Records currently gives the world record to another python called Medusa that’s kept in Kansas City and measures 7.67 meters.

Medusa weighs 158.8kg which is a fair amount less than the python found in Malaysia, its’ believed pythons can grow as big as 10 metres long!

14th February 2016 |

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